Development Corporation Pre-Application Advice

If you intend to make a planning application within the Mayoral Development Areas, we encourage you to seek pre-application advice, particularly if your scheme is large or raises complex planning issues.

Discussing your proposals with us prior to submitting a planning application can help to speed up the process of getting planning permission and improve the likelihood of your application being approved by identifying any changes necessary to ensure compliance with relevant planning policies.


What information do you need for pre-application advice?

The more information you provide about your proposal, the more comprehensive and complete our advice will be. Your request for pre-application advice, as a minimum, should include:

  • a completed pre-application advice request form;
  • the site address and a site location plan;
  • a supporting statement;
  • indicative plans and elevations of the proposed development; and
  • any other information you consider relevant to the proposal.

How much does pre-application advice cost?

The Development Corporations do not charge for the provision of pre-application advice.

After submitting a request for pre-application advice

Once we have received everything we require, your enquiry will be allocated to a Development Corporation planning officer.

The planning officer will then undertake an initial assessment of the information provided and will contact you to arrange a meeting. Following the meeting, we will endeavour to provide you with a written response, in line with timescales set out on the pre-application advice form, summarising the issues discussed during the meeting and our advice on the planning merits of your proposals.

All written advice will be reviewed and agreed with a senior Development Corporation officer before it is issued.

Whilst we will always endeavour to respond to your enquiry and issue a response in good time, if for any reason it is not possible to do so in line with the timescales set out on the pre-application advice form, we will contact you to agree a revised date.

Borough Involvement

The Development Corporations are committed to working closely with the local Borough Councils on major and strategic development proposals and will expect applicants to engage positively with the relevant local Borough throughout the planning process. The reason for this is although Development Corporations are the Local Planning Authorities for the Mayoral Development Areas, the local Borough continues to hold other statutory powers and responsibilities for public services within their administrative area. In addition, large scale developments within the Mayoral Development Areas may impact upon areas outside of, but proximate to, the Mayoral Development Areas.

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