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Phoebe's Legal and Governance Internship

Hi! My name is Phoebe. I was a 2023 intern for the Tees Valley Combined Authority, working in procurement, legal and governance, and HR, during the summer after completing my second year studying an LLB in Law with French Law at UCL. 

I applied for the position as I was eager to find meaningful work experience in my local area that was also relevant to my interests and the sectors that I am hoping of working in in the future.  

Particularly in the time following the pandemic, it had been hard to find work experience that offers the invaluable opportunity to develop my skills in-person, and in a real office environment.  The chance to get an internship where I could work in a professional atmosphere (not just working through a screen) was very appealing. 

I was also looking for a position where I could have an active role in tasks and wasn’t merely shadowing people for the duration of the internship – this chance to really make a difference in the workplace and get a sense of achievement when completing my own projects was very attractive. 

The projects themselves have been an excellent opportunity to broaden my knowledge and to develop my professional skills. I had the chance to work in three teams across three weeks, allowing me to learn about a breadth of sectors.  

In the first week of the internship, I worked with the procurement team. Before the internship, I did not even know what procurement was, but the team have been great in helping me to understand the complexities and importance of the sector, all while improving my Microsoft Excel skills and having the chance to draft real documents that will be used by the Group.  

In the second week of my internship, I worked with the HR team, where I built my confidence by making and taking phone calls – I was initially nervous to do this as it was outside of my comfort zone, but the opportunity to do this has now made me confident with this task – it feels cool that I have professionally represented the Group! I also learned how to use the online HR system, which has helped me to improve my IT skills when using unfamiliar sites. 

In the final week of the internship, I worked with the Legal and Governance team, where I had the chance to sit in meetings and to learn more about the importance of freedom of information in public services. This has given me a greater understanding of the functions of the public sector.  

I would absolutely recommend this summer internship to anyone who is looking for some in-person, paid, practical experience working in a professional environment in your local area. Everyone is really welcoming; you really do feel like you are part of the team! It is a great opportunity to develop your skills over the summer break to help set you up for your future. The internship has inspired me to consider a career in procurement law. 

Summer Internship

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