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Tees Valley Toolkit

Tees Valley is a region on the up. It is where five distinct boroughs come together to make one exceptional destination.

This section highlights the strengths and the unique aspects of Tees Valley and does so across four main themes – Invest, Work, Live and Visit.

We are Talking Up Tees Valley, we are improving the perceptions of our area.

We are creating one voice for the region to convey our intention and ambition.

This is our narrative,

These are our key messages,

Here are our inspirational images and videos

Please use them

If the people who live and work here use the same key messages to promote the area both within the boundaries of Tees Valley, and outside, this can attract inward investment, visitors and tourists from across the country and further afield, as well as begin to create even more of a feel good factor from people already living within the area

What you say about a place will become what it is known for and how you say it will be how people perceive it

Click through the headers of Our Tees Valley, Invest, Work, Live and Visit and find all the amazing words, images and inspiring videos which are available for you to use for free.



Social Media

All Soundbites under each key theme are easily usable and adaptable for social media. The key messages are easily adaptable for use with regional destinations, businesses, attractions, new developments etc. and are best used across either LinkedIn or Facebook. Regional accounts and hashtags can be easily inserted and created from each key message or soundbite. An example of frequently used regional hashtags and stakeholders are below.

Key Accounts Key Hashtags
@TeesValleyCA #TalkingUpTeesValley
@EnjoyTeesValley #TeesValley
@Darlingtonbc #EnjoyTeesValley
@Hpoolcouncil #Darlington
@Mbrocouncil #Hartlepool
@RedcarCleveland #Middlesbrough
@Stocktoncouncil #Redcar