Annual Report

The Combined Authority in Tees Valley is unique amongst its peers in having a fully integrated Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP).

Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) Delivery Plan

It is a requirement of the LEP to publish a LEP Delivery Plan, specifically relating to the Local Growth Fund for which it is directly accountable. The LEP works side-by-side with the Combined Authority and is equally responsible for the delivery of all its objectives and implementation of its core documents to drive growth across the region. LEP Board members are also Associate Members of the Combined Authority Cabinet and therefore the core documents of the Combined Authority also represent the LEP Delivery Plan for Tees Valley.

These include our Strategic Economic Plan, which aims to create 25,000 new jobs and deliver an additional £2.8billion into the Tees Valley economy by 2026.

To help us achieve these aims, in January 2019, the Mayor and Combined Authority agreed a Ten-Year Investment Plan, which covers our funding commitments in six key themes that, when taken together, will give us an area we are proud to call home and that others want to visit, invest and work in. These are transport; education, employment and skills; business growth; culture and tourism; research, development and innovation; and investment in our towns and communities.

This Annual Report 2021-22, details our progress in meeting our aims over the previous financial year, and our top-line strategic priorities for the year to come.

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