Register of Members’ Interests

The Combined Authority Group has a declaration of interests policy, which is available here. This policy applies to all members of the Combined Authority Group (incorporating the Local Enterprise Partnership).

Each member of the Combined Authority Group is also required to complete a written declaration of interest for the purposes of their organisations and their individual personal interests, covering a broad range of activities/ownership. Individual declarations of interest forms are completed annually following members’ appointment at the Combined Authority AGM. The register of interests is published below. However, recognising that these might change during the year and to ensure that individuals are not playing a role in decision making when they are conflicted, declarations of interest are requested at the start of each meeting, declared and recorded within the minutes of each Combined Authority Group meeting. The declarations of interests are updated, as appropriate, following each Combined Authority Group meeting and are currently being collated for all Members for the civic year 2022-2023. The Declarations will be updated to the website as soon as they are available.


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