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Business Finance

There is finance available in the Tees Valley to help grow or scale up your business

If you are looking to grow or scale up your business in the Tees Valley, the availability of finance to support your plans will be a key consideration, particularly if your bank is unable to lend all of the funds you need. SME businesses based in the Tees Valley can access a range of loan and equity funds designed to bridge the gap between bank lending and the growth finance needs of ambitious businesses.

These funding options can work alongside support offered by Tees Valley Business which may be able to provide grants to support the costs of engaging consultants to assist you with preparing your funding application.

An overview of these funding options is provided below:

Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund | Tees Valley Combined Authority

Loan and equity finance from £25,000 to £2m

Tees Valley Catalyst Fund | Tees Valley Combined Authority

Funding for short-term advance payment guarantees and performance and warranty bonds up to £2m

UK Steel Enterprise 

Equity investment and loan finance of up to £1m

Start Up Loans

Personal loans for investment in start-up businesses of up to £25,000