Made Smarter

Helping small and medium-sized manufacturers adopt digital technology.



Made Smarter Adoption North East can help your manufacturing business become more efficient, more productive and more competitive by investing in digital tools.

If your team is losing time and money trying to resolve reoccurring issues like machine downtime, struggling to meet customer demand, manual tasks causing delays and lack of the right data to support decisions – digital technology could be the solution.

Case Studies

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Made Smarter Adoption North East is backed by world-renowned businesses and the UK government. It aims to drive growth amongst the region’s manufacturing businesses and advance the UK economy by improving the development and adoption of emerging technologies. The North East Growth Hub and Tees Valley Combined Authority are working with Made Smarter to deliver Made Smarter Adoption in the North East LEP and Tees Valley Combined Authority areas. You can find out more about the wider Made Smarter offer here.


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