Event Organiser: Pd-m

Event Dates: 26/01/2024 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Event Cost: Free

Event Type: Webinar

Event Category: Net Zero

Event Location: Virtual

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Innovate to Zero Webinar

The Net-Zero agenda is ramping up and sooner or later it will affect your business, this webinar will get you on the front foot so you can make sustainability your advantage.

Aimed to be a practical guide, this webinar builds on the NHS messaging of ‘WHAT’ to do, with a, ‘HOW’ to do it. Covering topics such as the NHS  Net-Zero roadmap, how to complete a carbon reduction plan (CRP) and what to do once it’s in place. Pd-m are experienced in delivering CRP’s and will be sharing insights into what they mean for the business and common areas of focus to make the greatest reductions to emissions. Moving on from this we will show that through design and innovation, sustainability represents an opportunity to add value, reduce cost and increase profitability.

Michelle Sullivan (Boston Scientific / ABHI Sustainability Chair) will provide an introduction to the session and adding the wider context on the importance of sustainability within the sector and how things are rapidly moving. To add an SME perspective, Graeme Cameron (CEO of Pennine Healthcare) will explain how he and his leadership team are making sustainability a pillar of their business and the benefits this brings.

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