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Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering

Tees Valley has a long and illustrious history in advanced manufacturing and engineering. With several hundred years of manufacturing and engineering excellence, Tees Valley companies have been responsible for some of the most iconic structures across the globe. There are currently 3,100 business employing 19,000 people and the sector makes up 7.4% of employee jobs in Tees Valley. This is significantly higher than the national of 4.8% and highlights the strength and importance of the sector in the area, which is in large part due to the excellent existing infrastructure and assets that the area as to offer businesses here.

Tees Valley is home to a large, successful cluster of advanced manufacturing and engineering businesses operating across all industries. Our regional manufacturing strength is largely due to the chemicals and process, offshore, automotive, aerospace and energy sectors, which form the heavy industrial economic base of the area. However there is also a strong presence of companies operating in the composites, food and drink, defense and construction industries.

Added this this are a range of sites and premises equipped for large-scale investment of this type and a workforce that has generations of skills and experience. Strong partnership working and support groups such as Tees Engineering Network also make Tees Valley a great place for businesses looking to invest.

To find out more more composites in Tees Valley, you can download our brochure by clicking on the image below: