Science and Innovation Audit

Northern Powerhouse:  Chemicals and Process Sector Science and Innovation Audit

Tees Valley Combined Authority (the Combined Authority) and Durham University co-authored a Wave 3 Audit entitled:  Northern Powerhouse:  Chemicals and Process Sector Science and Innovation Audit

The audit sets out to assess the chemical and processing sector innovation ecosystem across the Northern Powerhouse embracing the interests of the chemical manufacturing, speciality chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediaries, formulated performance products, polymers and plastics, technical consultancy sub sectors and their associated supply chains.

The sector is focused in the economic corridor between Tees Valley, Humberside and the North West Cluster around Liverpool, who between them contribute £32bn of GVA (2013) and support 520,000 jobs (approximately 36% of the UK sectoral output) and whose cumulative critical mass ensures that the UK can contribute to being globally competitive in this vital enabling sector.

The vision of the study is to ensure that the Northern Powerhouse contributes to the successful delivery of the Strategy for Chemistry fuelled growth: which aims to deliver ‘’by 2030, chemistry using industries will increase their contribution to the UK economy from £195billion to £300 billion.’’

To support this, our overall aim is to ‘deepen UK and international knowledge networks as a mechanism:

The purpose of the Audit is therefore to identify the networks, skills, capabilities and facilities needed to ensure continued global competitiveness and to identify actions that the consortium can take or investment needed to fully realise the vision.  In our audit, we therefore propose to evidence the following sub-hypotheses:

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