Tees Valley Economic Assessment

The Tees Valley Economic Assessment is the core statistical document related to economic development in Tees Valley. It is based upon data and analysis for key areas that contribute towards growth in our economy including:

The main document is available here whilst the executive summary infographic is available at the bottom of this page.

The Economic Assessment is updated annually. It reflects the priorities in the Tees Valley Strategic Economic Plan, the Local Industrial Strategy (locally agreed) and the Investment Plan. It is also focused on supporting the development of business cases and funding applications, as well as helping to inform local authority assessments and other strategy and policy documents.

For more details, below are links to the TVCA strategies and reports reference in the Economic Assessment:

The full content of the assessment will be updated annually, with a monthly update of around 14 key indicators through the Monthly Economic Update, found here.

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Tees Valley Infographic Data

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