Teesworks is the UK’s largest and most connected industrial zone, home to diverse, sustainable and low-carbon activity.

Offering immediate connectivity to Teesport, the North Sea and global markets, this multi-sector setting brings together global leaders and innovative pioneers to power Britain’s carbon capture capital.

Why Teesworks?

Teesworks is the UK’s largest industrial zone and the heart of Britain’s biggest and first operational report, unrivalled in size, scale and opportunity.

As part of the Teesside Freeport, Teesworks is at the centre of the UK’s largest tariff-free customs zone.

Recent investment such as the bp-led Net Zero Teesside CCUS Project, SěAH Wind’s £450million offshore manufacturing facility and Circular Fuels’ residual waste to renewable fuel plant place the site firmly at the centre of the UK’s Net Zero ambitions.

The Zones

11 zones consisting of agile, diverse, multi-sector activity.

All zones offer immediate connectivity to Teesport, the North Sea, Europe and beyond, unlocking global markets for sustainable innovators and global pioneers.

Alongside Teesport and Redcar Bulk Terminal, an-all new 1km quay is currently under construction at South Bank zone, specifically designed to serve the offshore energy sector

Click here for more information on Teesworks Zones

Teesworks Skills Academy

Operating as a one-stop-shop, the academy links jobseekers, local employment hubs and skills providers to create a world-class workforce for the future, equipped with the expertise businesses at the Teesworks site will need to grow and succeed.

The Teesworks Skills Academy offers unique access to a complete network of employment and training providers across the Tees Valley with a broad range of specialisms relevant to the requirements of Teesworks.

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