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A689 Corridor Improvements

A689 Corridor Improvements


The A689 is a key corridor linking the A1(M) and A19, and forms part of the Major Road Network. It links the Tees Valley at Hartlepool to the A1(M) and the wider North East Region.

We are proposing a series of upgrades to the corridor to ease traffic congestion for road users and provide improved facilities for cyclists and pedestrians.

The improvements comprise:

The engagement period is now closed, but you can still take a look at our plans by downloading a copy of the brochure but you can still download our brochure here

Following the public engagement, we will analyse the feedback received. Comments will be used to inform the next stages of development of the scheme and the business case that is being produced.

Scheme Plans – Click on title to see plan

 D6 & D7 – A1 Junction 60

Traffic signals are proposed at the A1 junction 60. This is aimed at providing better control and therefore better balance to the delays at the junction. Additionally, a right turning lane would be provided on the eastbound A689 east of the roundabout providing improved access to the Services and to Bradbury.

S5 – A19 / A689 Junction

Improvements to the A19/A689 interchange involve widening of the existing northern circulatory carriageway to three lanes, by utilising the existing footway of the structure. This footway would be replaced by providing a new footway/cycleway bridge to the north of the interchange, alongside improved linkages between Wynyard Park and Billingham/Wolviston to the east. Currently there are no pedestrian facilities to access Wynyard Park west of the A19/A689 interchange and pedestrians must utilise the grassed highway verge beyond the end of the existing footpath on the A689. This scheme will ensure that footways into the Wynyard Park are provided, and the existing pedestrian footway both sides of the interchange are widened to provide a 3-metre shared pedestrian/cycle route. Upgrades to the pedestrian crossings on the interchange slip roads to Toucan crossings will be provided to accommodate a cycle route. This would provide significant benefit to non-motorised users.

H3 – Park Road / Huckelhoven Way / A689 junction

The eastbound approach from Park Road is proposed to be widened to three lanes. The right turn lane on the A689 northbound approach would be extended to increase the capacity at the junction.

H4 – Burn Road / A689 roundabout

The eastbound approach from Burn Road is proposed to be widened to two lanes to add additional capacity to this approach.

H5 – Oxford Street / A689 junction

Oxford Street is proposed to be re-opened to the west of the A689 to create a four-arm crossroads junction. Traffic signals would be introduced at the junction. The shared cycle/footway which runs parallel to the A689 will remain, and crossing facilities would be provided over Oxford Street.

H6 – Brenda Road / A689 roundabout

A free flow left turn lane is proposed to be introduced for traffic travelling for southbound traffic on the A689 Belle Vue Way turning left onto the B1277. This would improve the capacity for southbound traffic heading towards the roundabout.

H7 – Stockton Road / A689 junction

The central reservation on the A689 is proposed to be realigned to incorporate a right turn lane for traffic turning right into Stockton Road, increasing capacity for all traffic on this approach.

H8 – Owton Manor Lane / A689 roundabout

The existing roundabout is proposed to be replaced with a signalised junction to make it easier for side road traffic, from Seaton Lane and Owton Manor Lane, to enter the junction. The traffic signals will allow the side road traffic time to turn onto the A689 freely, in a controlled manner.

H9 – Truro Drive / A689 junction

An additional lane is proposed to be incorporated into the junction for traffic turning left into Truro Drive, along with a two lane entry from Truro Drive itself.

H10 – Dalton Back Lane / Greatham Back Lane / A689 junction

The existing uncontrolled staggered junction is proposed be replaced with a single crossroads signalised junction. This is aimed at reducing the severity of collisions at this junction by removing the giveway cross-over through the central reservation. The junction will also serve as the access for the South West Extension housing development.