Guisborough to Nunthorpe Connectivity

Closing Date: 16th August 2024

Location: Redcar and Cleveland


There is an existing path running alongside the old railway between Nunthorpe and Guisborough. Unfortunately, only people walking on the path can travel between the two towns, as there is a section of the path that cannot be used by people cycling, wheeling or horse riding. There is also a level crossing over the Esk Valley railway line that some people may not feel safe using.

We think there is an opportunity to improve this route and provide a connected route between Guisborough and Nunthorpe Railway Station.  We want your ideas on how we can make walking, wheeling, and cycling easier between Guisborough and Nunthorpe. These improvements could also make it better for equestrians using the route.

Tees Valley and Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council are working together to improve connectivity between Nunthorpe Railway Station and Guisborough. Guisborough and Nunthorpe are connected by Middlesbrough Road, a busy dual carriageway which does not have a continuous footway or cycle path. There is a path between Nunthorpe and Guisborough which runs parallel to the old railway line for people wishing to access both towns, the Guisborough Forest and other fantastic outdoor spaces. Unfortunately, the route between the two towns can only be walked by foot and people must cross the train tracks at the level crossing. We want to improve this route and make it accessible to those who might want to wheel or cycle.

A better walking, wheeling, and cycling route between the towns of Nunthorpe and Guisborough is a priority in the Tees Valley Local Cycling and Walking Investment Plan (LCWIP) and is supported by the local community, local councillors, the MP and Mayor.

Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council are already delivering on street improvements between Lyndale, (where there is a link to the old railway path), and Fountain Street in Guisborough Town Centre using transport funding from the Government’s Levelling Up Fund (LUF). Further information on this scheme and the plans for this section are available here.

In partnership with Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council, we want to add to these improvements to provide a high quality, accessible and continuous walking, wheeling, and cycling route between Guisborough Town Centre, and Nunthorpe Railway Station, with improved connections from the existing Guisborough Forest Walkway to nearby communities in Guisborough. This will make the route more convenient, safer, and accessible to more people.

For an enlarged version of the map, please click here.

Current issues between Guisborough and Nunthorpe

Walking, wheeling, and cycling between Nunthorpe and Guisborough can be difficult. Only people travelling on foot can walk the full route by crossing the train track at the level crossing. This can feel unsafe, but also stops those wishing to wheel or cycle. We have identified transport issues in and around the following locations:


  • No connected cycle route to Nunthorpe Railway Station.
  • Fast moving vehicles can make the area feel unsafe to cycle in when there are no cycle lanes.

Off-road path

  • Existing path from Nunthorpe to the Branch Walkway cannot be used by those wishing to wheel or cycle.
  • People must walk across the train tracks at the level crossing, which can feel unsafe.
  • The quality of the path from Nunthorpe to the Branch Walkway can vary along the existing route and there are stiles on the route which can make it difficult for people to use.

Here are some opportunities that may help address the issues for people walking, wheeling, and cycling in this area:

  • Provide a continuous route for people wanting to wheel and cycle between Guisborough and Nunthorpe Railway Station.
  • Make improvements to the existing path to make it safer and easier for people to use.
  • Reduce speed limits and introduce traffic calming measures in Nunthorpe to provide a safe route to the station.
  • Create links to the improved-on street routes through Guisborough for walkers, wheelers, and cyclists.

These may offer the following benefits:

  • Safer and more attractive journeys for people walking, wheeling, and cycling.
  • Improved walking, wheeling, and cycling links between Guisborough and Nunthorpe Station.
  • Linked to Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council’s improvements to Guisborough Town Centre.
  • Contributes to the delivery of a full and connected network of cycle routes across Redcar and Cleveland and Middlesbrough.

We recognise that there may be some impacts, these could include:

  • Vegetation may need to be cut back to improve the off-road path.
Other Issues?

If you think there are other transport issues between Guisborough and Nunthorpe Railway Station, please let us know on the feedback form.

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Stage 1 - Sharing ambitions and vision for transport improvements across Tees Valley. Summer 2023
Stage 2 - Public engagement looking at key issues and opportunities around potential transport solutions. Summer 2024
Stage 3 - Specific consultations after transport plans are further developed with public feedback taken onboard.

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