Hartlepool South Western Connectivity: Town Centre to Queens Meadow

Closing Date: 16th August 2024

Location: Hartlepool


Buses are sometimes delayed in Hartlepool Town Centre and to areas like Queens Meadow in the south-west, making bus journeys longer. There is an opportunity to provide bus priority improvements and better routes for walking, wheeling, and cycling. This will make these travel options more attractive for more people. We want your ideas on how we can make walking, wheeling, cycling and bus journeys easier between Hartlepool, Queens Meadow and Wolviston.

Wider vision for Hartlepool

There is lots of investment going on in Hartlepool town centre to help regenerate the area and encourage growth. This includes £25 million received in 2021 through the Government’s Town Deal which is funding various projects in the town centre including the Waterfront Connectivity Project, re-imagining Middleton Grange Shopping Centre, and restoring the former Wesley Chapel. Hartlepool Borough Council has also been awarded money from the Government’s Levelling Up Fund to create a Production Village in the Lynn Street and Whitby Street area of the town centre. These projects will create jobs and other opportunities in the town centre, as well as increasing visitor numbers.

Alongside these projects is the Hartlepool’s Development Corporation which has been formed to transform Hartlepool and includes: Oakesway Business Park, Queens Meadow Business Park, retail and leisure land – including Mill House Leisure Centre and Middleton Grange Shopping Centre, with public realm and civic buildings.

These planned improvements could encourage more people to travel in Hartlepool town centre. This means the roads could get busier with more traffic. Tees Valley, in partnership with Hartlepool Borough Council, want to deliver improvements to help support this growth and enable quicker, safer, and more reliable journeys.

Hartlepool South-West Connectivity – Town Centre to Queen’s Meadow

Hartlepool town centre is an important destination for shoppers, workers, and visitors. The Queens Meadow area is to the south-west of the town, linked by Catcote Road and the busy A689. Many people use these roads to move between the town centre and industrial sites to the south, as well as the Queens Meadow Business Park and residential areas to the south.

For an enlarged version of the map, please click here.

For an enlarged version of the map, please click here.

Current Transport Issues

Lots of buses travel through the town centre but we know that they often get delayed, and do not always turn up on time. Buses also get delayed at busy junctions south of Hartlepool. This causes longer journeys and makes bus travel to areas in the southwest of the town less attractive.

Some people already walk, wheel and cycle in Hartlepool but in certain areas this can feel unsafe, particularly where there is lots of traffic. We want to improve transport links into the town centre to make it safer and easier for people to make more sustainable journeys from the south and west.

In Hartlepool fewer people own cars compared to the rest of England. We want to improve the transport choices available and make sure everyone can get to where they need to be without relying on a car.

Take a look at the issues and let us know what you want us to do about them on Catcote Road and on the A689 Stockton Road. We have already started to think about where new walking, wheeling, and cycling routes would improve connections. We have identified a walking, wheeling, and cycling link between Catcote Road and Waldron Street along Burn Valley Garden footpath. This would be delivered using transport funding from the Government’s Levelling Up Fund (LUF) and we want to hear your thoughts on our initial plans.

Other Issues? 

If you think there are other transport issues between Hartlepool Town Centre, Queens Meadow and Onwards, please let us know on the feedback form.

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Stage 1 - Sharing ambitions and vision for transport improvements across Tees Valley Summer 2023
Stage 2 - Public engagement looking at key issues and opportunities around potential transport solutions. Summer 2024
Stage 3 - Specific consultations after transport plans are further developed with public feedback taken onboard.

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