Normanby to Western Redcar Borough Connectivity

Closing Date: 16th August 2024

Location: Redcar and Cleveland


Access to Lazenby Village is an issue, as it is difficult for car drivers and buses to get in and out of the village safely from the A174. It can also be difficult for people walking and cycling to cross the A174 and Eston Road. This means local people do not have a bus service which can limit access to jobs, services, and education, and they may find it hard to walk and cycle in their local area.

The junction of Normanby Road and High Street in Normanby (also known as Normanby Top) is also a place where buses travelling between Redcar and Middlesbrough can get delayed. Improvements at Normanby are already planned by Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council.

We want your ideas for making journeys easier to and from Lazenby Village.

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Normanby and Lazenby:

Normanby is a busy local centre with shops and local businesses serving the local area. It is around four kilometres southwest of Lazenby Village and the two places are linked by High Street and the A174. The A174 is a busy dual carriageway which connects Redcar to the A19 and other parts of Tees Valley.  Lazenby is a small village which has a community hall, pub, primary school, and social club. The large industrial site Wilton International lies to the north between the village and Redcar.

Plans to improve the junction of Normanby Road and High Street at Normanby Top have already been shared by Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council. These improvements were well supported, and construction should be complete by summer 2024.

Current issues at Lazenby

There are two ways to access Lazenby Village from the A174:

  • Eston Road to the west.
  • Lazenby High Street to the east.

Bus companies have reported problems for buses leaving Lazenby Village at these locations. There is not enough space for buses to enter the dual carriageway from Eston Road safely. As a result of these concerns, bus services running to Lazenby village have been cancelled. This has caused problems for bus users and means that access to jobs, education, and services across Redcar and Cleveland and Teesside is more difficult. We want to solve these issues to make it safer and easier for buses exiting Lazenby Village from Eston Road.

Lazenby village is surrounded by busy, fast-moving roads and a large industrial site. There is a lack of safe crossing points for people walking and cycling, making it hard to get to green spaces like Lazenby Bank Nature Reserve and nearby places like Eston. There is a cycleway alongside the A174 which does not have designated crossing point at the junction with Eston Road.

To travel west from Lazenby village towards Middlesbrough, drivers must cross two lanes of fast-moving traffic to turn right, which can be hazardous.

We have identified the following transport issues:
  • Buses are unable to wait in the central reserve and safely cross traffic at the Eston Road junction, to travel west on the A174 towards Middlesbrough. As a result, there are now no bus services serving Lazenby Village.
  • A lack of pedestrian and cycle crossings over the A174 and Eston Road.
  • The A174 can become congested during busy periods when travelling towards Middlesbrough.
  • High speeds on the A174 can make it difficult for slow moving vehicles to join the road from High Street and travel east towards Redcar.
  • Vehicles are unable to travel south on the A174 from Redcar and access Lazenby Village from High Street. People must come off the road early and travel down a narrow lane.

Here are some opportunities that may help address the issues in this area:

  • We could improve the layout of junctions and roads to allow buses to serve Lazenby in both directions.
  • Traffic signals could stop traffic at the junction to allow vehicles to safely exit.
  • We could make it safer for buses to wait in the central reserve.
  • We could reduce traffic speeds on the A174.
  • Better and safer crossings of the A174 for those walking, wheeling, and cycling.
  • Improvements to existing shared use path between Greystone Roundabout and Lazenby.

These may offer the following benefits:

  • All vehicle, including buses could move through junctions more efficiently.
  • Safety could improve for those leaving Lazenby Village.
  • Reduced congestion and queuing could result in more reliable journeys for all vehicles.
  • Improved walking, wheeling, and cycling links to Lazenby enabling local people to access green spaces and local shops and facilities.

We recognise that there may be some impacts, these could include:

  • Changes to junctions could result in slower journeys and the introduction of traffic signals.
  • Changes in speeds could result in slower journeys.

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Stage 1 - Sharing ambitions and vision for transport improvements across Tees Valley. Summer 2023
Stage 2 - Public engagement looking at key issues and opportunities around potential transport solutions. Summer 2024
Stage 3 - Specific consultations after transport plans are further developed with public feedback taken onboard.

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