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What we do

Our vision is:

“By 2026, the Stockton and Darlington Railway will be recognised as a world class heritage attraction, having built on its reputation as the birthplace of the modern railways to strengthen and promote a strong cultural offer that provides a distinctive experience for visitors and residents. This world class attraction will boost the economic growth potential of the area in this pioneering approach of using our historic environment to act as a catalyst to drive forward heritage led regeneration while conserving its historic interest.”

A Programme and Delivery Plan has been produced for the S&DR, which builds upon the pioneering work of a number of individuals and organisations over many years. It provides details about the projects and activities to be completed through the S&DR Heritage Action Zone project.

To date, a total of 43 projects have been identified, grouped under four work streams:

Over time, we anticipate that many of these projects will develop and evolve, with more being identified, and the programme will be reviewed regularly.

Potential projects include: