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Tees Valley Region of Learning (RoL)

Tees Valley Combined Authority (TVCA) in partnership with Tees Valley Creative Education Partnership (TVCEP) is working with The Royal Society of the Arts (RSA) to pilot an approach to transforming Tees Valley into a place where creative learning provision is highly visible and accessible, the value & transferability of creative skills is recognised by young people, parents, educators and employers and there are clear pathways to creative careers in the region. 

We will do this through the power of digital badging – a new skills currency – to capture learning which takes place outside of formal education and in workplaces.  

Digital badges will help:  

  • employers to recognise hidden talent;  
  • individuals to articulate their skills;  
  • the creative and cultural sector to widen and reach new audiences;  
  • track and demonstrate engagement, and  
  • raise the profile and transferrable value of creative education & skills. 

Cities of Learning – learning happens everywhere from The RSA on Vimeo.

Join us – Get Badging!

Be part of shaping the future of Creative Learning in Tees Valley  

We will build a cohort of brilliant Badge Issuers across Tees Valley. As Badge memberships are limited in this pilot year, we are inviting applications from organisations to join this pioneering approach. 

Following a programme of training and support, these organisations will:

  • have a great way to recognise non-accredited creative learning  
  • be able to provide their learners with a recognition of progression and development.  
  • be able to easily demonstrate engagement and outcomes to funders and supporters  
  • increase the visibility of their creative learning activity to reach and engage with new participants/audiences 
  • easily track learner progression through badging 
  • arm learners with the language to articulate the skills they have learnt 
  • raise awareness of the transferability of creative skills to parents, educators and employers 
  • be able to connect up their badges with others in the RoL network to form learning/career pathways  
  • be part of helping learners into a job in the creative sector or be armed with relevant transferable skills that employers are crying out for 
  • have capability to develop badged pathways specifically to jobs in their organisation 

TVCA / TVCEP will award –  

  • up to 19 creative and cultural organisations and creative learning providers (this includes schools, colleges, universities) with a yearlong, free Badge Nation ‘Get Badging’ membership. 


  • 2 x Badge Nation ‘Super Issuer’ memberships plus a small grant to support implementation. 


The deadline for Round 1 applications is Monday 12th September. 

APPLY HERE to become a Region of Learning Badge Issuer.

Further Information and Eligibility Criteria

Being awarded a free Get Badging Membership will give your organisation; 

  • Access to write up to 6 badge templates. Each template includes visual design, quality assurance and publishing by the Badge Nation team. (We may be able to support you to create additional badges if there is evidence of need/demand.) 
  • Issue your badges to up to 500 earners. 
  • Support from TVCEP/TVCA and our partners Badge Nation to write, issue and promote your badges 
  • Your badges displayed on the Tees Valley Region of Learning digital platform (from December 2022) 
  • Collection Manager access to the Badge Nation issuing membership for three individuals. 
  • Access to the Badge Nation Members Area of supporting resources for unlimited individuals from your organisation. 

To apply your organisation must; 

  • be delivering creative learning provision* to young people aged between 13 – 24 years in Tees Valley. 
  • Commit to promoting and advocating for Tees Valley Region of Learning Programme 
  • Enter into a data sharing agreement with TVCEP/TVCA 

Becoming a Super Issuer

There are a further two free Badge Nation ‘Super Issuer’ memberships we will award to two organisations. Being awarded a free Super Badge Issuer Membership will enable your organisation to;

  • Access to write an unlimited number of badges for your organisation.
  • Issue your badges to an unlimited amount of earners
  • Bespoke support from TVCEP/TVCA and our partners Badge Nation to write, issue and promote your badges.
  • Support from TVCEP/TVCA and our partners Badge Nation to identify your needs as a Super Issuer and implement any required systems and processes to integrate with those of Badge Nation.
  • Collection Manager access to the Badge Nation issuing membership for an unlimited number of individuals from your organisation.
  • Training and support from TVCEP/TVCA and our partners Badge Nation to write, issue and quality assure badges on behalf of an unlimited number of organisations.
  • Access to analytics from your issuing and the issuing of your identified strategic partners.
  • Access to relevant national Communities of Practice

The two selected organisations will need to demonstrate a commitment to;

  • working in close partnership with TVCEP and TVCA to develop and advocate for the Region of Learning Programme
  • Creating a suite of badges
  • Issue badges to at least 1000 learners in Year 1
  • Assist and support other organisations to write badges
  • Issue badges on behalf of other organisations
  • Work with TVCEP, TVCA and RSA to develop badged career pathways to opportunities (i.e. a job or accredited formal course or training)

Super Issuer organisations will receive £2000 to support this work over the pilot year period.

Super badge issuers must;

  • Have a significant amount of existing creative learning provision* that can be badged and access to significant amount of learners
  • Have strong partnerships and networks with employers, learners, learning providers, culture and creative sector to facilitate the creation of badged pathways to opportunities.
  • Enter into a data sharing agreement with TVCEP/TVCA

What can be badged?

Anything which has a learning outcome and where learners develop skills and experience. For example;​ 

  •  Work Experience​ 
  •  Internships/Placements 
  •  One off workshops/seminars​ 
  •  Regular classes​ 
  •  Focused projects e.g., summer theatre school​ 
  •  Pre application processes to get people ‘job ready’​ 
  •  Industry engagement/careers related workshops/programmes​ 
  •  Internal staff training/development​ 
  •  Ambassador schemes​ 
  •  Youth participation on boards/councils​ 
  •  Volunteer programmes​ 
  •  School programmes/visits​ 
  • Enrichment programmes/ Extracurricular activity that enhances, for example, accredited courses​ 

TVCEP will also develop a suite of template badges that can be used across the sector and adapted and branded by an individual organisation. 

How will we assess applications?

A panel made up of members from TCVEP steering group and TVCA officers will assess all applications.  

Applications will be assessed against the level of impact that badging will have on the organisation and the programme as a whole and the level of engagement and reach to learners that the organisation can demonstrate. We will also take into consideration geographical spread, diversity of offer/types of badged activity. For super issuer applications will be assessed on the level of networks and relationships to a wide range of learners, learning providers and employers.  

APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN. Deadline to apply is Monday 12th September. 

APPLY HERE to become a Region of Learning Badge Issuer.

What happens next?

We will notify applicants within 1 week of the application deadline.  

If successful, you will be asked to attend a badge writing workshop led by Badge Nation and from there you can start badging! TVCEP/TVCA and Badge Nation will support you to create your first badges. TVCEP/TVCA will have regular check ins with you, provide updates on the programme running across Tees Valley.  

For super issuers we will convene a workshop with RSA and Badge Nation to map current and potential badging opportunities and stakeholders. 

If unsuccessful, don’t worry. We want everyone to be able to badge their creative learning activity eventually! This is the pilot year and it is just the start. We will keep in touch with programme developments and further opportunities to get involved.