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Darlington 2025 – A Modern Rail Hub for a Modern Economy

What is Darlington 2025?

Darlington 2025 positions Darlington as a crucial part of the new HS2 network, able to accommodate new high speed trains once they join the East Coast Main Line.  It sets out new plans for the reconfiguration of the rail infrastructure around the station, to unlock improvements to local rail services, leading to faster, more frequent and better quality services across the Tees Valley, County Durham and North Yorkshire, and better freight connections from Teesport.

This ambitious programme captures the pioneering spirit shown nearly 200 years ago, when the Stockton-Darlington Railway first ushered in the age of rail passenger transport.  In the last 4 years the town has seen nearly £200 million of investment within ten minutes walk of the station including the National Biologics Centre, Business Central and the Feethams leisure development.  By 2025, Darlington should be able to celebrate the future of a modern rail hub for a modern economy, as well as the great historical significance of the 200th anniversary and will be a catalyst to wider regeneration opportunities.

The improvements will see:

The improvements will also see benefits to the wider Tees Valley area, including;

We need to act now

A sharp increase in demand for rail services is expected by 2020 and in 20 years demand is expected to double.

The current rail infrastructure will not cope and improvements must be made in time for HS2. We say do it once and do it now 

This is an opportunity to showcase to visitors from across the world the continued ambition and ingenuity that has placed Darlington and Tees Valley at the heart of industrial Britain.

Darlington 2025 will see rail links to Tees Valley transformed by a multi-million pound Darlington station redevelopment, enabling connections with future high speed services and new dedicated local service platforms.

A £150million investment will position the town as a crucial part of the new HS2 network, able to accommodate new high speed trains once they join the East Coast Main Line and sets out new plans to reconfigure local rail infrastructure.

In addition, the project also includes plans for new commercial, residential and retail developments that will make the most of the advantages created by fast, direct trains to London, Edinburgh, Leeds and Newcastle creating a modern hub for a modern economy.

Delivered by Darlington Council and Tees Valley Combined Authority, Darlington 2025 will maximise the economic potential of the Tees Valley, secure investment and create jobs. It offers a once in a lifetime chance to rebalance the national economy and transform rail travel across the country.


Darlington 2025 will mean better access to national routes; better connections within Tees Valley and will honour the heritage that saw Darlington at the forefront of rail travel to the rest of the world.

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What are the benefits?

Darlington 2025 will see a number of benefits for station users, including: Improved access and parking, more reliable and flexible services, reduced journey times on national routes, such as London, Birmingham, Newcastle and Edinburgh and better station facilities

However, the benefits go further than the station itself and will have the potential for significant economic benefits to the wider region, including;  more investment opportunities for continued economic growth; creation of jobs, both directly and indirectly, facilitate the region’s housing objectives

There could be significant time savings too- Click here to see the benefits of the HS2 Services and Northern Powerhouse Rail services

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