Housing & Communities

High-quality, sustainable housing growth and renewal are central to achieving our ambitious plans to expand the economy.

Building new homes, revitalising existing communities and creating excellent environments for business to operate are critical to attracting and retaining individuals and companies.

We must address issues of undersupply across the housing market and be ambitious to accelerate the building of homes of the right type in the right place, at the right time, with the right infrastructure.

In addition to building, we must focus on transforming existing communities where pockets of poor-quality housing, deprivation, a lack of social inclusion and poor public health persists.

In meeting our ambitions, we are forging effective relationships with key partners, including our five local authorities, registered providers, landowners, developers, private sector investors, Homes England and Government.

We are seeking to increase capacity through skills training, job generation and promoting innovative methods of construction, including off-site manufacture.

We are also trying to work with investors to stimulate new entrants to the market, including build-to-rent through the private rented sector.  We are exploring opportunities to enable sustainable growth through the principles of new garden village settlements.

We are working with Homes England on a joint plan to unlock stalled housing sites, accelerate delivery and increase the provision of affordable homes with an agreement in place to secure the capacity, resources, funding and flexibilities needed.

Finally, we are seeking, through Tees Valley Land Commission and One Public Estate Programme, to maximise the use of brownfield land and land held by Government to support economic development and accelerate housing supply.

As stated in our Strategic Economic Plan, our priority is to accelerate the supply of good quality homes across the market, revitalise our town centres and bring forward surplus public and blighted brownfield land for development.