Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Project

To meet the UK Government targets for Net Zero by 2050 Tees Valley has begun an ambitious programme to expand the network of electric vehicle charging points across our region. See here.

The network of Electric Vehicle Charging Points is expanding to include a variety of sites, including local authority car parks, businesses, petrol stations, supermarkets, hotels, educational establishments and health care facilities. However, there are several issues with the current level of provision:

  • The Electric Vehicle Charging Network has been implemented by lots of different providers and there is therefore no consistency in terms of type of provision or interoperability.
  • Some of the infrastructure is now outdated, has been poorly maintained and may not even be functional.
  • There are varying degrees of coverage across the local authority areas within Tees Valley.
  • The focus has been limited to providing charging points rather than also encouraging uptake of electric vehicles.

This project is improving access to and availability of charging points across Tees Valley by:

  • The LCF funded 134 charging points across Tees Valley in a variety of public locations – see here.
  • New funding of up to £6.5 million (LEVI) will see more charging points installed. This fund will focus on locations where residents have no off street parking such as a private driveway or a garage. This approach will give more people the option to consider using electric vehicles.

Click here to view the initial TCF 2021 Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Executive Summary.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of Electric Vehicles including grant schemes and a map of EV charging points please go here.

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