Tees Valley Creative Education Partnership (TVCEP)

Project Overview 

The Tees Valley Creative Education Partnership is a call to action to create more opportunities for children and young people to develop their creative skills and access to cultural experiences. The partnership is guided by a steering group made up of representatives from education, local government, and culture sector. 

Our vision 

Children and Young People in Tees Valley have access to a rich and varied cultural life that celebrates their creativity, improves their educational outcomes, encourages them to challenge and change their world and grow the transferable skills to enable them to lead fulfilling and successful lives.   

Key objectives 

A great start in life: Children & families enjoy access to culture and creativity to support their early years and aspiration & achievement through school. 

Growing creativity: Children & young people develop creative skills to support their resilience, imagination and self-expression in and out of school. 

Develop and retain talent: increase awareness, uptake and routes for young people in to cultural and creative training and careers. 

Confident and cohesive provision: the culture sector has a higher profile and is strategically aligned and valued for its contribution to wider Education, Employment and Skills agendas. 

Get involved 

The Partnership regularly hosts bitesize conference events which champion and celebrate creative education. These events are for teachers, creative practitioners and cultural professionals, to be inspired, take away new ideas and meet and connect with others.  

Tees Valley – A Region of Learning 

Tees Valley Combined Authority (TVCA) in partnership with Tees Valley Creative Education Partnership (TVCEP) in are working with The Royal Society of the Arts (RSA) to transform Tees Valley into a place where creative learning provision is highly visible and accessible, the value & transferability of creative skills is recognised by young people, parents, educators and employers and there are clear pathways to creative careers in the region. 

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Tees Valley Creative Education Partnership receives funding from Arts Council England, Culture Bridge North-East and Tees Valley Combined Authority. 

Contact: Heather Walker, Tees Valley Creative Education Partnership Coordinator [email protected] 

Project Status: In delivery 

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