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Audit & Governance Committee

The Audit and Governance Committee assure sound governance, effective internal control and financial management of the Combined Authority. The Committee meet at least three times per year. An agenda will be published five clear working days before the meeting. Draft minutes will be published within ten clear working days of the meeting taking place and final minutes within ten clear working days of approval.

Please note: The arrangements allowing virtual statutory meetings, has changed, and has not been extended which means future meetings of the Audit and Governance Committee are to take place in person with limited numbers to enable social distancing. At this time only Committee Members will meet in person, but we will continue to provide remote access to future meetings via Microsoft Teams for the press and public, though this may change in the future as guidance changes.

Anyone is welcome to observe our Audit & Governance Committee meeting remotely. If you would like to do so, you can email your name and address to at least 48 hours before the meeting is due to take place.

The meeting will take place using Microsoft Teams (you may need to download the Microsoft Teams App to access the meeting). Approximately 1 hour before the meeting is due to start you will be sent joining instructions including a code.

If you wish to ask questions these will be accepted at the discretion of the Chair and need to be submitted via e-mail to at least 48 hours before the meeting is due to take place.

If it is necessary for the press and public to be excluded where confidential items are discussed under the terms of Section 100A (4) of the Local Government Act 1972, these attendees will be asked by the Chair to leave the meeting. If they do not comply, The Chair or Governance team members will act to exclude them.

Forthcoming Audit & Governance Committee meeting dates:

1st December 2021 at 10am

20th January 2022 at 10am

Previous Audit & Governance Committee meeting dates:

21st September 2021 at 10am

27th July 2021 at 10am

To view our archive papers please click here