Things Are Heating Up For Insulation Firm After Mayors’ Visit

Business & Invest | Published on: 4th October 2022

A family-run firm specialising in insulation systems has learned how its expertise could benefit some of the region’s biggest projects after a visit from Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen and Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston.

Founded in 1974 by business partners Mick Quinn and Danny Mahoney in the Linthorpe Hotel pub, Linthorpe Insulation has now been re-established and revitalised by their sons Kevin Quinn and Darren Mahoney.

The mayors met Kevin and Darren at the firm’s new headquarters at the Wilton Centre, which houses a number of leading global, regional and growing businesses in the chemical, manufacturing, material and biopharma sectors.

At a time of spiralling energy costs for both households and businesses, the company offers energy audits plus the design, installation and maintenance of insulating systems to help firms in the energy and process industries save money, conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions.

During the visit, Kevin and Darren highlighted the company’s services and laid out its plans for growth to become a high performance one-stop shop for insulation needs, all with a focus on pioneering clean energy innovation in the industry.

Mayor Houchen pledged to connect the company with those driving forward the construction of SeAH Wind’s £400million mammoth offshore wind monopile facility and Net Zero Teesside Power’s gas-fired power station with Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage capability, both taking place at Teesworks.

Mayor Houchen said: “Linthorpe Insulation has a long history and now Kevin and Darren have given the company a new lease of life, working hard to re-establish a firm that can help businesses cut down their costs and energy consumption, all the while playing a part in our region’s low-carbon ambitions.

“With pressures on energy prices being felt by local people and businesses alike, it’s now more crucial than ever that firms across our area can access good-quality insulation advice, design and fitting to protect against rising costs and continue the excellent work they do.

“I’ve always pledged to put our brilliant supply chain businesses first when it comes to securing work from these schemes and whether at large-scale engagement events or on a one-on-one basis like this, that’s exactly what I’m doing.

“I look forward to hearing about Linthorpe Insulation’s next steps towards becoming yet another Teesside success story.”

Mayor Preston said: “What a great story about a local business still looking to expand and reinvent itself after nearly half a century.

“Kevin and Darren are taking up the mantle from their fathers, and developing the business to meet the very real challenges of the 21st century.

“They can help other businesses save on energy costs, creating jobs and prosperity in the process.

“It’s fantastic to see a business that started out in ‘the Linny’ continuing to innovate, thrive and create jobs all these years later, as it expands into new offices.

“I will follow their progress closely, and wish them all the best for the future.”

Darren Mahoney said: “Teesside has enough work to accommodate our own local skilled engineers, tradesmen, general workers and office staff, rather than having them travel away from home to work. We feel that our local clients would also feel more satisfaction knowing that Linthopre always endeavours to start local people before casting our net wider in the labour market. That said, we will always be looking to work in more distant towns and cities and employ local people in those location as and when the need arises.

“Finally, Kevin and I would both like to thank Ben and Andy for showing an interest and helping with the connections – local networking is key to them and that was good to witness first-hand.”

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