Partners and Statistics Portal

Our Economic Strategy and Intelligence team provides a wide range of statistics to help decision makers decide key polices, identify areas of concern, establish priorities and measure progress. You can find out information relating to the current economic situation, such as the labour market, skills, employment and a whole host of other indicators that help to keep Tees Valley moving in the right direction.

Area Profile

Detailed district and ward level information on a host of economic, labour market, skills, demographic and other indicators is openly ava ..

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A broad range of labour market and skills intelligence helps to ensure individuals, employers and policy makers in Tees Valley have acces ..

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A wide range of business and economic intelligence helps to provide an up to date picture of the Tees Valley economy and the jobs people ..

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Size, age, sex, and geographic distribution of the Tees Valley population, the changes in the population (looking back and forward) and t ..

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