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Materials Processing Open Access Technology Centre

This investment refurbished the old TATA Steel building to create The ‘Materials Processing Institute’ a technology centre for organisations involved with or interested in materials, materials processing and energy.

The Institute specialises in challenging processes, particularly those involving high temperatures, hostile environments and hard-won skills. The Institute offers the expertise, physical capabilities and physical assets that enable its customers and collaborators to explore and develop new materials and processes, improve existing products and processes and realise lasting improvements in energy efficiency and process reliability, while reducing the environmental impact of their processes.

The Institute is based in purpose-built laboratories with facilities over a range of scales, from fundamental laboratory scale experiments through to the construction and operation of demonstration scale pilot plant. This allows the users the opportunity to work at any stage from the fundamental idea or innovation, through to commercial technology delivery. These assets are supported by its dedicated team of engineers and scientists, who are industrial problem solvers, with experience across a wide range of industries and industrial processes.

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