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Enjoy Tees Valley

A programme of activity that celebrates and communicates the very strong tourism assets Tees Valley already has, and ensures that we are ready to promote those which will be developed over the coming years. Focus has been put on to the creation of a destination marketing service with website, private sector engagement, product development and PR and marketing, and working closely with partner organisations to maximise success.

This work will:

• Help change perceptions and create a national and international profile;
• Introduce Tees Valley to new audiences and encourage longer length of stay;
• Capitalise on our existing strengths and assets and project our offer more clearly around defined experiences to attract more visitors;
• Encourage business confidence and investment in, and upgrading of, facilities;
• Create a place where visitors have great experiences, people enjoy working, businesses are confident to invest and grow, and local people can enjoy their leisure time; and
• Put Tees Valley and its distinct towns, culture and landscapes on a level playing field with other destinations – able to attract investment and participate at a national level with VisitBritain.

We will work with our neighbouring destinations in the North – Welcome to Yorkshire, Visit County Durham, NewcastleGateshead.

If you have any questions about this project please contact us.