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Tees Valley Economic Assessment

The Tees Valley Economic Assessment is the core statistical document related to economic development in Tees Valley.  It is based upon data and analysis for key areas that contribute towards growth in our economy including:

  • Economy and Productivity (economic conditions, innovation activity, the business base and key sectors);
  • Skills and Labour Market (attainment, employment and future demand); and
  • Growth Enablers (connectivity, education, place and culture).

The Economic Assessment is updated annually and reflects the priorities identified in the Tees Valley Strategic Economic Plan and the draft Local Industrial Strategy for Tees Valley (agreed by Cabinet in July 2019).  The Economic Assessment also provides an evidence base that underpins the Tees Valley Investment Plan, supporting the development of business cases, as well as helping to inform local authority assessments, Local Plans and other policy and strategy documents.  In 2020, it is also intended that this updated analysis will underpin the joint agreement with Government of a Local Industrial Strategy for Tees Valley.

The full content of the assessment will be updated annually, with a monthly update of around 14 key indicators available through the Monthly Economic Update