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Devolved Adult Education Budget Commissioning Update October 2018

If you would like to be notified of when our commissioning process opens for applications, please register on the TVCA website here.  By registering, it will ensure you receive details on how to access the secure AEB Portal for the commissioning documents as soon as the commissioning process opens.

Subject to Cabinet approval, the detailed commissioning process for the devolved Adult Education Budget (AEB) is estimated for release in November 2018.  The Tees Valley Combined Authority are mindful that providers will need sufficient notice to compile information required for the submission documents.

In light of this, the Combined Authority have issued below some brief guidance to help you prepare for submission.

The Tees Valley Combined Authority intends to apply the existing ESFA Funding and Performance Management Rules, and Funding Rates and Formula to the devolved Adult Education Budget for Tees Valley in 2019/20.

Application process

Strategic and Economic Impact

You will be asked:-

  1. How your proposed curriculum offer within your delivery plan will meet the Tees Valley Combined Authority’s strategic and economic objectives as outlined in its Strategic Economic Plan, and Education, Employment and Skills Strategy.
  2. To demonstrate how you have analysed the immediate and long-term demand and supply by sector, labour market characteristics and how this relates to your curriculum offer.
  3. To confirm the characteristics of learners, including target groups, any geographical targeting and the outcomes that learners will achieve through your provision.
  4. To describe your capacity, resource and infrastructure required to deliver the plan.

Quality and Performance

You will be asked to:-

  1. Demonstrate your performance and track record of delivering AEB to Tees Valley residents.
  2. Confirm your most recent Ofsted grades and outcomes of any Ofsted monitoring visits.
  3. Provide detail of your Self-Assessment and quality improvement processes.
  4. Demonstrate that you have the ability to upload and process ILRs and have an appropriate management information system.
  5. Demonstrate that you have a Business Continuity Plan.


You will be asked to:-

  1. Provide details about your organisation’s financial health
  2. Detail any financial risks attached to your delivery plan.


You must confirm:-

  1. What it is you are intending to deliver directly for any formula and non-formula funded provision, to include provision type, starts and sector subject area.
  2. What you are intending to sub-contract for any formula and non-formula funded provision, to include provision type, starts and sector subject area.

In addition to the published information, once the commissioning process is open, there will be additional provider engagement events.  Details of all events will be published on the website along with any FAQ’s.