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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below a list of frequently asked questions regarding the Adult Education Budget. If you have a question and the answer is not listed below please email aeb@teesvalley-ca.gov.uk.


Q1. If an organisation has not had the opportunity to register on RoTO as it has not opened for quite some time, would their application be considered?

A: Yes, delivery plans submitted will be accepted if the submitting organisation has a valid UKPRN and also conforms to the rest of the requirements of the commissioning process


Q2. If an organisation has only been a subcontractor and not held a direct contract, would their application be considered?

A: Yes, but you should consult the TVCA subcontracting policy and guidance notes, both available on the AEB section of the website for further information.


Q3. How do I access the online delivery plan?

A: If an organisation wishes to submit a delivery plan, having read the AEB section of the website, which gives a high level overview of the commissioning process, and all of the supporting  documentation and guidance provided approximately half way down the AEB page, there is a reference to registering in order to complete an online delivery plan, with an accompanying link.  You should click that link and you will be taken to another web page, on which there is a green button to click to register your details.  Even if you have previously    registered for updates, you will still be required to register your details in order to access the online delivery plan.

Q4. If the delivery plan that will be submitted is based on 2017/18 delivery, will that include direct provision and subcontracted provision?

A: In the Delivery Plan we are expecting you to set out your direct delivery and subcontracted delivery separately.


Q5. If payments are paid on profile and funding can be rolled over to the next year, will payment be adjusted accordingly?

A: One of the advantages of devolution is that any underspend of AEB funds does not have to be given back to DfE but can be retained by the Tees Valley Combined Authority. We do not  intend to “roll over” any underspend of individual provider allocations.


Q6. Will there be a minimum delivery level?

A:There is a minimum contract value of £50k.


Q7. Will there be a tolerance level?

A: The provider performance management framework sets out the future approach to under- delivery. You will be expected to deliver your full contract value.


Q8. How long will the commissioning process be open for?

A: The AEB portal where you submit your delivery plan will be open from 30th November 2018 and will close at 12 noon on the 1st February 2019.


Q9. Regarding Tees Valley residents, is there a definition of how TV residents will be calculated?  Can we have the post code list?

A: Please refer to the ONS postcode checker on the AEB portal.


Q10. Who will form part of the national pot where tolerance levels for ESFA are concerned?

A: TVCA will only fund learners with a postcode in the Tees Valley. All other learners will be either funded through ESFA or another devolved area, depending on their postcode.


Q11. How will you calculate the amount for new entrants?

A: Please refer to the guidance notes.


Q12. What kind of on-boarding process is there going to be? 

A: Provider induction on-boarding events will be held in June 2019.


Q13. Is the data going to be collated through the ILR?

A: ESFA have a statutory responsibility to collect data through the ILR therefore it will be a mandatory requirement for all providers to submit an ILR return through the ESFA hub.


Q14. Is there going to be any flexibilities in the ILR in terms of payments?

A: Providers will be paid on a national profile agreed with TVCA and the ILR data will be used to monitor actual delivery on a monthly basis.


Q15. When evaluating the submissions in the commissioning process, will you have regard to previous performance?

A: The Delivery Plan requires you to submit historical information regarding delivery.


Q16. When dealing with growth/opportunity requests, will there be guidelines on what provision not currently funded but would like to be funded?

A: There is an opportunity in the Delivery Plan to submit growth requests. It is up to you what you choose to request. Growth/opportunities requests cannot be guaranteed.