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Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen has praised two of the region’s firms for working together to help boost the area’s economy.

In a site visit to Stockton’s CableCom Training Ltd, Mayor Houchen was met by representatives from CableCom and professional technology services provider Map Group to highlight their efforts toward economic growth.

Map Group has recently secured an extra 200 high-quality permanent jobs for the area after it won a contract with a major communications provider to deliver cabling and infrastructure for major projects across the region.

Map Group worked with prime provider CableCom, located just metres away from its Preston Farm base, which trained Map Group’s new employees during a three-week course.

Mayor Houchen said: “Small and medium businesses such as CableCom Training and Map Group are the lifeblood of our region and local procurement is paramount to boost our economy.

“It shows that we have faith in ourselves to deliver what the area needs while projecting our confidence and expertise to secure investment from further afield.

“It was also incredibly encouraging to hear that Map Group are creating jobs and opportunities for residents.

“These two firms are shining examples of how Tees Valley businesses should be operating and I look forward to working with them in the future.”

CableCom Training’s Managing Director Tony Horridge said: “CableCom is meeting specific local needs by aligning what we teach with what companies in the region need.

“By working together in a more clever fashion with local businesses, we are trying to boost the economic wellbeing of the wider area while reducing the duplication of labour. We are fully committed to building a stronger area and will continue to work with companies far and wide to achieve the growth we all need.”

Matty Carlin, Map Group’s Strategy and Development Director, said: “Our business is going from strength to strength and we are happy to be working with great local firms to have our workforce trained to the highest standard.

“It was great to discuss our achievements with Mayor Houchen and we are eager to engage with him to drive our firm forward.”