Transport for the North

Transport for the North (TfN) is the country’s first statutory sub-national transport body. It brings together local authorities from across the North of England, including the Combined Authority, to allow the North to speak with a single voice to Government. The vision is for the North to have a vibrant and growing economy, attracting more inward investment, and capitalising on the strengths of the Northern Powerhouse. It is a long-term strategic programme which will deliver significant transformational benefits for commuters, businesses and the wider economy of the North through improved connectivity.

A transformed North would see a 5% increase in employment, an 8% increase in population and a 14% increase in GDP. For Tees Valley, this would see the creation of 25,000 new jobs, 23,000 new homes and a £1billion increase in GVA. The TfN Spring 2016 Report recognises the importance of the Tees Valley as one of the North’s key economic centres and the value that improved connectivity between Tees Valley and the North’s other key centres can bring.