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Zero Emission Bus Regional Areas Scheme

The Zero Emissions Bus Regional Area (ZEBRA) scheme will provide up to £120 million for local transport authorities (LTAs), outside London, to support the introduction of zero-emission buses and the infrastructure needed to support them. This funding will support the introduction of the 4,000 zero-emission buses announced by the Prime Minister in February 2020.

Tees Valley Combined Authority successfully completed the first phase of the application process for the funding in July 2021 and have been selected to progress to phase two of the competition. This requires the development of a full business case for submission to the Department for Transport. TVCA’s business case will be to fund a five year hydrogen bus pilot in Tees Valley, to demonstrate the viability of hydrogen as a fuel for public transport and initiate the wider transition to clean fuel technology. The project will replace the equivalent number of the Tees Valley diesel bus fleet with hydrogen buses and invest in hydrogen refuelling infrastructure.

Please click here for the full proposal document.

Supported bus funding

We have received £207,560 of supported bus funding. Click on the link below to find out what it is being used to fund. All of this funding has been used during 2020/21 to support all of the services set out in the application from.

English National Concessionary Travel Scheme Statutory Notice

Please click here to see the Statutory Notice Pursuant to Section 95 of the Transport Act 1985 and Section 150 of the Transport Act 2000 relating to the English National Concessionary Travel Scheme for 2022/23.

Enhanced Partnership Notice of Intent

Please click here to view Tees Valley Combined Authority’s notice of intent to create an Enhanced Partnership.