The Need For Change


Your journeys matter. From improving bus reliability, to better walking and cycling routes; we need to deliver change to improve transport in Tees Valley.

Our plans for improving transport will help us to tackle some of the biggest challenges we face:

Connectivity and economic growth

Our goal is to deliver improved connectivity and access to:

  • key employment sites
  • training and education
  • healthcare
  • leisure
  • businesses

We want our transport network to provide high quality travel choices better connecting everyone to opportunities – now and in the future.

High quality alternatives to the car

Currently, over a quarter of Tees Valley residents do not have access to a car. This makes the bus, walking and cycling even more important. Without these alternatives, people cannot get to opportunities like training, education, and work. Improving bus reliability, and providing safer, high-quality walking, wheeling, and cycling routes will help everyone access the transport they need.

Improved public transport

Public transport in Tees Valley needs to be frequent, high quality, dependable and connected. We want public transport to get us where we need to go, when we need to get there. Our current plans look at how buses can be more reliable along key routes.

Improved walking, wheeling, and cycling

Walking, wheeling, and cycling need to be safer with dedicated spaces away from busy traffic. Creating safe spaces for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers will make journeys easier for everyone.

Healthier communities

We have a lower average life expectancy than the rest of the UK. We need to create happier, healthier, and more active communities. Walking and cycling are great ways to get active and improve our health and wellbeing. But we need better routes to connect you with the places that matter.

Cutting carbon

Tees Valley has one of the highest levels of carbon emissions in the UK, twice the national average. Taking small steps to change how we travel has a big role to play in helping us tackle this.

We are investing in a low-carbon, fully connected transport network that offers high quality sustainable transport including public transport, walking, wheeling and cycling. We want to improve traffic flow by using new technology – all to meet our 2050 target of achieving net-zero carbon emissions.

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