Date: 22nd July - 31st August 2024

Location: Hopetown Darlington, McNay Street, Darlington, DL3 6SW

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Hopetown Darlington Summer Events

Check out Hopetown Darlington’s exciting summer events and activities!

Hopetown Darlington opens July 16 2024 with a programme of exciting family events! Take a look what’s on…

Mon 22 | 29 July
Mon 5 | 12 | 19 | 26 August
Building and playing with LEGO® bricks is a great way to introduce fun and learning into children’s play. Join us each week to build your own transport-themed LEGO masterpiece. It might even be put on display in our Brick Journeys exhibition!

Construction Kids
Tue 23 July | Thu 25 July | Sat 27 | Tue 30 July
Thu 1 August | Sat 3 August
Tue 27 August | Thu 29 August | Sat 31 August
Join us for fun-filled guided LEGO® sessions, exclusively designed and delivered by Construction Kids. Take part in races, build fun models and design your own exciting creations!

Bricks McGee workshops with LEGO(R) Bricks
Challenge your building skills, battle with LEGO® robots, and build your own extra-creative LEGO masterpieces with Bricks McGee at Hopetown Darlington. See who can create the biggest bridges and towers possible, put your helmet on to travel to the outer galaxies with space themed LEGO and use special LEGO motors to build your ideal drag race car and compete in races! Dive back in history to create scary Viking artefacts, take a swing at your built obstacle for the LEGO crazy golf course and get hands on to build a balloon-powered LEGO car.
6th August – Crazy Golf
8th August – Mini Engineers
10th August – Bricks and Pieces
13th August – Towers and Bridges
15th August – Balloon Powered Cars
17th August – Vicious Vikings
20th August – Spaceships
22nd August – Drag Racers
24th August – Crazy Golf again!

Funky Forensics
Tue 23 July
Oh no, the train has pulled out of the station and there is some luggage left behind! How can we track down the owner? Take part in this immersive session of science and storytelling. Learn to use different scientific techniques such as fingerprinting, chromatography and insect analysis to find out who the luggage belongs to.

Blissful Butterflies
Wed 24 July
Search our site for moths and butterflies and make a butterfly house to take home for your garden! Learn about butterflies’ habitats and how we can encourage more of these winged wonders into our gardens, before making a butterfly house to take home.

Sand Artists
Thu 25 July
Inspired by trips to the seaside on the train, make your own colourful sand art picture, that you’ll frame and take home.

Piggy Bank Painters
Fri 26 July
Decorate your very own money box and take it home to pop your pennies in! Take a walk around the railway museum and be inspired by the story of the dastardly Earl of Darlington trying to bankrupt the Backhouses Bank and stop the Stockton & Darlington Railway in its tracks. Head back over to The Stores and decorate your own money box to take home to keep your money safe.

Building Bridges
Tue 30 July
Calling all budding structural engineers! Recreate the Skerne Bridge and test its limits using science, maths and creativity. Test your bridge to the extreme to make sure it holds. Guaranteed laughs, learning and a lot of fun!

Tweety Pies
Wed 31 July
Decorate your own bird feeder to take home. We have loads of outdoor space. Have a look around and watch (and listen) out for all the different birds. Learn about their habitats then go back to The Stores to decorate your own bird feeder to take home.

Totes Amazing
Thu 1 August
Travel in style next time you board a train! Design and decorate your own canvas tote bag to take home. Use the railway museum and objects in The Stores for inspiration.

Create a Nameplate
Fri 2 August
In the world of railways, name plates are a BIG deal. Even today, some trains carry nameplates on special journeys, including the daily ‘Flying Scotsman’ journey. Check out the historic nameplates around North Road Station Museum and The Stores for inspiration before having a go at creating your own, personalised railway-themed nameplate to take home and display.

Magnetic Magic
Tue 6 August
Be truly amazed at what magnets and LEGO® bricks can create! Make floating magnet LEGO trains and test who can transport the most cargo! Learn about scientific concepts of forces and magnets and discover how magnets can create a Big Science Hovercraft.

Insect Hotel
Wed 7 August
Hopetown Darlington has loads of outdoor space to explore. Have a look around for bugs, then make your own insect hotel in The Stores. Take your creations home and watch the critters check in!

Flying High with Pride
Thu 8 August
Join artist Dawn Belshaw to celebrate Darlington Pride by creating your own rainbow windsock. Celebrate diversity and spread a little love and acceptance along the way. You can then head on down to the Pride Darlington Festival at the weekend to show off your windsock.

Timepiece Masterpiece
Fri 9 August
Time to get creative! Create your own timepiece masterpiece by looking for the clocks around Hopetown Darlington! Use them as inspiration to design and make your own clock to take home. Did you know that until the 19th century, time wasn’t standardised in Britain, with every town keeping its own time? Darlington, for example, used to be four minutes behind London. Standardisation of time is all down to the expansion of the railways.

Catapult Chaos
Tue 13 August
Experience the thrill of engineering by making your own wooden trebuchet catapult to see if you can hit the target. Did you know, one way to deliver messages from a moving train to the station was to write a note, put it inside a potato and throw the vegetable out of the window? Build and decorate your own catapult.

Paint a Pot
Wed 14 August
Make your own very special flowerpot creation! Inspired by the Station Gardens and their beautiful flower displays, take a walk around the site enjoying the summertime blooms. Then head back to The Stores to design on your own ceramic flowerpot to take home.

Sew Crafty
Thu 15 August
Get ready for the first day back at school with your very own hand-sewn cross stitch pencil case. Using a kit, try your hand at sewing your own design. Impress your friends with your newfound skills when you show them what you made!

Paint a Plate
Fri 16 August
Make mealtimes more memorable by designing and creating your own commemorative plate! Have a look around The Stores for some intriguing ideas. And then plan, design and create your plate using air-drying clay, pens and paint.

Wonderful Window Boxes
Tue 20 August
Prepare to get green-fingered by decorating your own windowsill planter to take home and start your very own windowsill garden.

Brilliant Bugs
Wed 21 August
We’re going on a bug hunt! Some people might find bugs scary, but we know how important they are to life on the planet. Learn how we can increase the number of bugs in our gardens and then enjoy a crafty workshop where you’ll make your own felt padded bug to take home!

You’ve Been Framed
Thu 22 August
Explore North Road Station Museum and take a photo of what you find most inspiring. Then design and create a special frame to take your printed photo home with you to remember your special day!

Lamps and Lantern
Fri 23 August
Our railways were once dependant on the power of the lamp! Explore our collection of railway lamps on display in North Road Station Museum and in The Stores. Taking inspiration from history, design and create your very own wooden lantern or railway lamp to take home.

Bright Sparks
Tue 27 August
Sparks will be flying on this amped up STEM session on electricity, signalling and lighting! See if you are struck with a spark of genius when learning to create circuits for the railways. Using science, maths and ingenuity, we will create a live signalling system!

Wildlife Wind Charms
Wed 28 August
Create your own wind charm to bring nature and music together. Decorate wooden wind charms and hang them at home to bring nature’s melody to your garden!

Family Tree
Thu 29 August
Create a map of your family tree with all the most important people in your life and see how the branches grow as you add names, leaves and decorations as you go!

Nippers Clay Creations
Fri 30 August
Complete a trail to see our iconic Nipper structures! Learn about the ingenious design of ticket nippers and how they were used by railway ticket inspectors. Then attend a workshop where you will create your own clay sculpture to take home!


Toilets (male, female, accessible)
Changing places toilet
Baby feeding room
Shop and café


Hopetown Darlington, McNay Street, Darlington, DL3 6SW



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