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There are lots of exciting things happening in Tees Valley across a number of sectors – all of which are going from strength to strength. Whether it’s our ever-growing digital sector, our clean energy agenda, biologics and life sciences, professional services and more, there are a wealth of satisfying jobs up for grabs to suit anyone.

Employment & Skills

The Tees Valley Mayor and Combined Authority are dedicated to giving local people the skills they need to secure well-paid, good-quality jobs right here in the region. We are also focused on ensuring our businesses have an expert workforce so that they can grow and continue to boost our local economy.

This journey begins with engaging careers education, to make sure all of our young people know the breadth and depth of the varied roles that we’re helping to drive forward for the future. If you’re a student who wants to discover the fantastic future jobs you can secure in the region, or a parent or guardian, business or school keen to support our young people, please click here.

International students on Teesside Uni Campus


Discover the programmes and initiatives available to help boost your skills and support you on the path to a successful career.

Employment + More

Discover the programmes available to support you into work.

Investing in the Future

To help highlight future careers and boost skills, the Teesworks Skills Academy has been established to give people the best training possible to enable them to take advantage of the new jobs being created on the Teesworks site. These include roles at SeAH Wind Ltd’s £450million mammoth offshore wind monopile production facility and the bp-led £1.5bn Net Zero Teesside carbon capture, utilisation and storage project.

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