Tees Valley has an attractive offering for any business looking to invest here. Whether it's starting up a new business, an opportunity to grow your business, or a relocation of an existing business, we have the supporting infrastructure to make things happen for you. We have a world-class reputation for delivering large-scale projects across our key sectors, such as Offshore, Oil and Gas, Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering, Chemicals and Processing, Automotive and Aerospace, Logistics, Renewable and Digital. Our main advantage over other UK and global locations is our low operating costs. Tees Valley is undoubtedly a cost-competitive location, with rents and rates around half of most major cities, and a quarter of those in London. This, combined with wage rates that are around 12% less than the national average, and financial incentives available on sites and premises, make us a great place for new investment or expansion. Click here to see a short video about Tees Valley and what we could do for you


Tees Valley is ideally situated for businesses large and small looking to set up or expand. Located on the north east coast, and a key pa ..

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Key Sectors

Tees Valley is ripe for investment with the infrastructure, skills and experience of an industrial heritage and the innovation, ambition ..

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Tees Valley Economy

A rich industrial heritage means that much of Tees Valley’s economy is made up of business and industry. However, whilst the indust ..

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Innovation is a key part of Tees Valley’s success and is central to the future development of our economy. Sitting at the heart of ..

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Support for Business

One thing that really makes Tees Valley stand out as a forward-thinking business location is the way the area looks after its businesses. ..

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Funding for Business

For growing businesses, raising finance can be crucial. Our business support team can help you find the right finance, whether it is to b ..

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Workforce and Skills

Around half a million people of working age can be found within 30 miles of Tees Valley. Furthermore, the labour force is loyal and hard ..

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Sites and Premises

Thanks to major regeneration and development programmes across all parts of Tees Valley, there is an extensive choice of sites and premis ..

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Logistics and Infrastructure

Tees Valley combines competitive land, property and labour costs with a wide range of financial support and assistance. Organisations lik ..

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