Supply Chain

Connecting Tees Valley businesses to supply chain opportunities.


Tees Valley Supply Chain can help link your business with the diverse range of exciting activity within regional, national, and global supply chains, including service and product opportunities.

Access to Wider Supply Chain Opportunities

A supply chain is a complex network of businesses and resources that are all involved in the production and delivery of a product or service, which includes suppliers, service providers, consultants, manufacturers, warehouses & logistics, distribution centres, retailers and many others.

By signing up to Tees Valley Supply Chain, you will gain access to engagement events with regional stakeholders, service providers, industry bodies, and crucially those larger businesses (OEM’s and Tier 1’s), who want to work with suppliers in the Tees Valley.

Our team of specialist advisors will help connect you to new and existing supply chain opportunities, enabling you to diversify your service and product offering to help you grow your business. We can also help foster collaboration with local support networks, sector and trade organisations, as well as wider UK infrastructure projects. This connected approach will provide you with sector intelligence, services and resources to help you accelerate your supply chain growth.

If you want to develop your Supply Chain knowledge and readiness, support is available to help you identify opportunities, overcome challenges and prepare your business to take advantage of these.

One-to-One Support

Get personalised support from our experienced team of advisors and specialist external consultancy providers to address your specific supply chain challenges and opportunities, helping your business thrive in a competitive marketplace.

Support will be tailored to target your key barriers to productivity and growth, and is open to businesses across all sectors, including business and professional services, advanced manufacturing, digital & technology adoption. From start-ups to those looking to scale, this programme will help you overcome challenges preventing you from becoming more productive & resilient, winning new work, and developing new services and products for new and existing markets.

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Networking & Events

Keep an eye out for a wide range of cross-sector events taking place to help connect you to wider supply chain opportunities, as well as with the local and national business community. This will in turn lead to developing a strengthened peer to peer network for all businesses involved in the programme.

There will be a chance to join industry best practice visits, “Meet the Buyer and Developer” sessions, and supply chain villages and surgeries, as well as RTC North’s annual Tees Valley Showcase conference.

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Whether you’re a service or product-based business, join the workshops online and in-person to support your supply chain journey. Topics covered include:

  • Supply Chain Strategy development
  • Supply Chain Mapping and Management
  • Public and Private Sector Procurement & Tendering (ESG)
  • Sustainable Service & Product development (ESG)
  • Supply Chain Digitisation and Automation
  • Productivity & Growth
  • Operational Excellence
  • Financial planning
  • Marketing
  • Value Proposition
  • Improvement tools & techniques
  • Enhancing business diversification
  • Business Resilience
  • Start Up and Scale Up Support
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Online Exchange Portal

Once you’ve signed up, you will be invited to join an online Exchange Portal. This community platform has been designed to enable inter-trading opportunities between local businesses.

You will have free access to promote your business and its services and/or products via the members directory. You can also search the directory to find local businesses to fulfil your service needs.

Tender opportunities will also be made available via the portal, allowing you to quickly browse those relevant to your business. The portal also includes tips and guidance on how to complete tenders and pre-qualification documentation for all types of businesses.

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Innovation Challenges

Take part in sector-based Innovation Challenges to address industry challenges around the development of new services, products, technologies, and processes. This is a great chance to identify knowledgeable providers and help develop innovative solutions that meet future supply chain needs.

Support is fully funded by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. Support is conditional based on eligibility and suitability checks, and for one-to-one productivity support the completion of a diagnostic.


Tees Valley Supply Chain is delivered by RTC North on behalf of the Tees Valley Mayor and Combined Authority, and the Tees Valley Business Board.

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