Walk & Cycle


It’s fun, cheap, easy and convenient to make walking and cycling part of our everyday journeys – to work, to school, or into town – give it a go! 

Small Changes, Big Impact  

Choosing to walk or bike, instead of driving, for just one day a week can significantly cut our carbon footprint.  According to experts, walking, and cycling, also called active travel, also help tackle social inequalities, and improve health and quality of life for us all.    

The future of walking and cycling in Tees Valley

There are hundreds of miles of walking and cycling paths connecting towns and districts across Tees Valley.   

Over the coming years, we will will be building more walking and cycling paths along key routes that directly connect neighbourhoods to schools, colleges, places of work and training.  The network is also being improved to better connect to rail stations and town centres and provide secure cycle parking at key locations – find out more here

So there’s never been a better time to take the first step – or pedal – into the world of active travel! 

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