Cummins Inc. is a world leader in the design and manufacture of decarbonisation solutions for commercial vehicles and off-road equipment. It produces everything from advanced diesel and clean natural gas engines to battery electric powertrains.

It’s also a leading manufacturer of hydrogen storage systems and PEM electrolysers producing green hydrogen fuel, playing a pivotal role in expanding the hydrogen economy.

The company’s engine manufacturing and technical operations facility at Cummins Darlington has announced an exciting new project to develop hydrogen-fuelled internal combustion engines (H2-ICE), aiming to achieve zero carbon emissions for commercial vehicles.

The BRUNEL project includes plans to develop medium and heavy-duty hydrogen engines for trucks, buses, and construction equipment.

It’s estimated that project could reduce more than 11 million tonnes of carbon emissions annually, equivalent to the emissions of 2.4 million cars in the UK.

Project BRUNEL brings the potential for the Tees Valley to play a major role in decarbonising commercial trucks and construction equipment from 2025 onward, further enhancing the region’s focus on the Tees Valley Hydrogen Transport Hub (HTH), set to be first in the UK.

With more than 1,200 employees already at the Darlington plant, the project will create yet more jobs and upskill hundreds of current roles.

It’s been supported by a £7.2million UK Government new technology funding award, through the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC), recognising the opportunity to put the UK at the forefront of this key emerging technology.

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