East Cleveland Railway Line


This project aims to examine reinstating passenger train services on the Saltburn to Boulby Freight Line in East Cleveland. 

Past studies have been “desktop exercises” – and reinstating passenger services on this line remains at the concept stage.

The rail line is currently only used by freight traffic servicing the British Steel Special Profiles Facility, at Skinningrove, and the Cleveland Potash, Boulby Mine site.  

Between Saltburn and Skinningrove the line is owned and maintained by Network Rail, but beyond this the line is owned by Cleveland Potash, which effectively acts as the infrastructure manager. 

To develop this project, there needs to be: 

  • An assessment of the existing infrastructure and the upgrades required to operate passenger services. 
  • The feasibility of creating railway stations on the line. 
  • The need to balance existing and future freight requirements against potential passenger services. 
  • Robust assessment of current and future demand to assess viability of running passenger services. 

This more detailed feasibility study would address these issues and focus on two key elements:  

  • Review the strategic case for the project, including future demand, which is fundamental to the viability of extending rail services into East Cleveland. 
  • Define the infrastructure requirements, including what interventions would be required to the track and signalling, identifying potential station locations, and providing a cost estimate for the project.


£1million allocation agreed by TVCA Cabinet January 2024

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