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Wheels to Work was a scheme which offered a subsidised transport for people where transport was a barrier to them accessing employment or training. The scheme provided e-bikes and e-motorbikes and funding ended in 2023.  

There were successes from the programme but its offer of only e-bikes and e-motorbikes, and its provision by a third party not linked to employers, were barriers in the scheme.  

Therefore, this project – with the help of a £10million allocation in January 2024 – will develop a new scheme offering subsidised access to cars. This will also be linked to employers.  

The project will be developed alongside the Tees Valley Business Board to ensure it meets employers needs and becomes embedded in the business community. 

The scheme may involve combining TVCA funding with contributions from the business community.  

The team is also exploring the potential to join forces with a mobility provider to provide a personalised, on-demand, affordable model.  

This would be targeted at cohorts where transport is a barrier to accessing jobs.


£10million allocation agreed by TVCA Cabinet January 2024

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