Middlesbrough to Nunthorpe Rail Improvements


Initial study work on creating a Nunthorpe Parkway Station has seen a constraint around the potential number of services operating to and from the station. 

A total of £1million was signed off by the TVCA Cabinet in January 2024 to enhance this work and create an outline business case to enhance the whole route.  

At the moment, services are around hourly between Middlesbrough and Nunthorpe – with several services extending to Whitby.  

The aim is to increase this to two trains per hour – but, as this is currently a single-line used by trains in both directions, upgrades will be needed to allow trains to pass one another on the journey to and from Middlesbrough.  

The case work will also need to demonstrate the viability of running a new service, which will require engagement with Northern and the DfT (potentially Great British Railways in the future).


£1million allocation agreed by TVCA Cabinet January 2024

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