Tees Valley Urban Traffic Management and Control (UTMC) System


Tees Valley is committed to delivering a transport network designed for the future, so that everyone can participate in and benefit from the plans for growth.

The Tees Valley 2020-30 Strategic Transport Plan sets out ambitions for the transport network to be more integrated in how it is organised, managed and operated so that it is easier for everyone to plan their journeys and use the network for whatever they need, whenever they need.

Developing a Tees Valley UTMC system will make it possible for different applications used by modern traffic management systems to communicate and share information. This allows data from multiple sources such as Variable Message Signs (VMS), car parks, traffic signals, and meteorological data, to be combined into a central console or database. Currently the various systems in Tees Valley do not ‘speak’ to each other in the event of a major incident.

A Tees Valley UTMC system aims to deliver:

  • A ‘Smart Region’ approach to traffic management, such as allowing for remote management of traffic signals to improve traffic flow.
  • Dedicated UTMC control room with Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) links from all regions to monitor traffic within the region and respond to events on the network.
  • Bus reliability software to keep buses on schedule.
  • Accurate real-time bus information for passenger arrival/departure times.
  • Data interfaces for speed, counters, road maintenance and weather for better decision making.
  • Additional VMS (Variable Message Signs) to support major events, roadworks, incidents, road safety campaigns and provide route alternatives from journey time information.
  • Car Parking ANPR(Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras that will inform road users if parking is available.
  • A Collaborative Traffic Management (CTM) system with Highways England to link the Tees Valley UTMC system to active Diversion Routes for Unplanned Events (DRUE) routes in the event of a major incident on the strategic road network, allowing VMS signs to be activated to inform drivers of the diversions in real-time.

Tees Valley is investing in the capability of the UTMC system to provide the latest transport information across the Tees Valley for all modes of transport. This will give transport authorities the information to manage and maintain the network and give residents, workers and visitors in Tees Valley up-to-date information on their travel choices.

Click here to review the Urban Traffic Management and Control (UTMC) System Executive Summary.

Developing the Tees Valley UTMC system is part of the Tees Valley Digital Transport Delivery Plan. Click here to read more.

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