Discount £1 Bus Ticket For Under 21s To Arrive in June

Tees Valley Mayor | Published on: 9th May 2024

The Tees Valley Mayor has announced a £1 cap on bus fees for U21s, delivering on one of his election promises just days after being re-elected as Tees Valley Mayor.

Young bus passengers will be quids in thanks to the £1 fare cap to be rolled out next month.

Prices for single journeys across the region will be slashed for young people from June 16.

A £3.5million package from the Tees Valley Mayor will fund the £1 fare cap, and it comes following an election pledge made by Mayor Ben Houchen to introduce the £1 cap.

Mayor Houchen said: “I’m a man of my word and I am wasting no time in delivering on this promise.

“We are creating thousands of new jobs and opportunities, and the next phase of my plan is to ensure everyone from across Teesside, Darlington, and Hartlepool can benefit from these opportunities.

“This scheme will make it easier for young people to access the wave of good quality local jobs and training we’re bringing.

“Good quality jobs for local people, giving them more money in their pockets, is how we truly transform our area, and this is exactly what I am getting on with delivering just days after being elected.

“Not only am I delivering on this pledge, but I am going further to make our transport system more affordable by securing agreement from the bus operators for a £3 day ticket for all under 21s.”

Money for the scheme has come from the Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) allocation.

The £1 cap will apply to passengers aged 21 and under and will also apply to most journeys starting in the Tees Valley and travelling outside the region.

Cllr Steve Harker, Leader of Darlington Borough Council and TVCA Cabinet portfolio holder for Transport, said: “It’s essential that our local transport network is affordable and reliable for our young people. This new £1 price cap will help those aged 21 and under to access opportunities in education, training and work cheaply and effectively.

“I am pleased we are delivering these new discounted fares, which will make a real difference to young people right across Tees Valley.”

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