Tees Valley’s Strategic Economic Plan

The overall aim of Tees Valley Combined Authority and the Tees Valley Local Enterprise Partnership is to maximise the amount of investment in Tees Valley.

To achieve this a Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) has been developed. It sets out the steps that are being taken to overcome the barriers to business growth within Tees Valley, placing SMEs, innovation and individuals at the centre of our region’s growth ambitions.

It is our Industrial Strategy for the region that includes all of the latest priorities to improve, diversify and accelerate growth in the local economy to benefit businesses and residents. Our ambition is to create 25,000 jobs and add £2.8bn to the economy by 2026

The aim is to become a high-value, low-carbon, diverse and inclusive economy, and therefore it has been identified that investment will be channelled into six main strategic priorities:

Tees Valley Strategic Economic Plan- Full Document

Tees Valley Strategic Economic Plan- Executive Summary