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Darlington Station Transformation

Work is under way to transform Darlington Station to improve the region’s local and national transport links, tie it even more closely to the town and massively upgrade its infrastructure.

Government has confirmed a commitment of £93million to redevelop the station, bringing its total funding to £105million. The scheme has also been backed by £33million from the Tees Valley Combined Authority

Buildings are now being cleared to make way for an extension to the station, with the old and new sites linked by a bridge joining the historic train shed with the modern facility.

The station redevelopment includes a multi-storey car park, transport interchange and gateway entrance connected to Central Park. Three new platforms will be created to accommodate current services and future services to improve the frequency and reliability of services as well as connectivity along the East Coast Main Line and across the region.

An upgrade to the Victoria Road entrance and car park pick-up and drop-off points on the western side of the station are also planned, with new road layouts, wider pavements, and a boost to walking and cycling access to make the station easier to reach and improve connections with other types of transport.

It is expected this work will be complete in time for the 2025 Stockton and Darlington Railway bicentennial celebrations.