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As part of the devolution deal for Tees Valley, the Tees Valley Combined Authority took responsibility for the Adult Education Budget which was administered by the Education Skills Funding Agency, to deliver adult skills provision, from 1 August 2019, to new learners aged 19+ who reside in the Tees Valley.

The funding will help to support:

and enable us to:

The details of the 31 provider organisations who will deliver the Adult Education Budget provision in the 2020/21 academic year are available here.

A list of subcontractors can be found here.

The qualification list (correct at the point of publication) offered by each provider is available for download here.

For all enquiries relating to Adult Education Budget please submit these to:

Level 3 Qualifications

Government has also  announced £2.7million funding for courses so those 24 or over can obtain their first Level 3 qualification (up to two A level or equivalent technical diploma or certificate).

For 19-24-year-olds, their first will be funded under current AEB allocations, with their second funded under this new scheme.

A list of providers for these courses will be published here in April.

2020/21 Adult Education Budget Funding Policies

Further information on processing your information

Personal information may be collected by TVCA in accordance with the terms and conditions of funding imposed on providers of learning, for example, further education Colleges and private training organisations.

Sharing data

In order for the Department for Education (DfE) to carry out its functions:

In the event that a further education College or other training provider is unable to continue the delivery of training funded by the ESFA (for example, where a training provider is a limited company that is dissolved) the ESFA will endeavor to make arrangements for the secure transfer of information, including your personal data, from the former training provider to another training provider to support your continued learning.  It may also request information from Awarding Organisations to establish at what stage your learning has reached according to their records.

Provider Support Tools

TVCA have produced a number of tools to assist our providers, which are summarised below:

Postcode Checker – A basic tool that compares a single postcode against the list of postcodes eligible for funding by TVCA. If the postcode is not recognised, it will by default say ‘no’.

If you experience any difficulty in using this tool, please contact your relationship officer or email

Funding Opportunity NOW CLOSED 

Skills Framework

The Combined Authority intends to establish a “Skills Framework” of high quality providers for a 4 year period (3+1) which will enable us to either “call-off” through a light touch regime process or “direct award” providers deliver skills provision in the Tees Valley over this period.

Providers wishing to secure any future funding to deliver skills provision on behalf of the Tees Valley Combined Authority will need have secured a place on the Skills Framework.

The Invitation to Tender for the Skills Framework has been launched on the North East Procurement Organisation (NEPO)

Call-Off Adult Education Budget 2021/22 academic year including Level 3 Adult Offer

The Combined Authority has also launched a “call-off” specification through a light touch regime to secure a number of providers to deliver the Adult Education Budget from 1 August 2021, including the Level 3 Adult Offer.

The details of which will also found on the NEPO website.

The outcomes of the “call-off” will be subject to final Cabinet approval in June 2021, and thereafter funding awards will be confirmed to providers and funding agreements issued.

Please see here our frequently asked questions for more information.

2021/22 Adult Education Budget Funding Policies