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Pay multiple; the ratio between the highest paid taxable earnings of an employee for the year and the median earnings figure of the whole Combined Authority’s workforce = 3.95

The Independent Remuneration Panel has the function of providing the Combined Authority with recommendations on the Mayor’s Allowance Scheme and the nature and level of allowance to be paid.  Click here to see the recommendation of the Independent Remuneration Panel to the Combined Authority Board regarding the Mayor’s Allowance.

To view details of Tees Valley Combined Authority Members’ Allowances Scheme and Mayoral Allowance for 2018/19 click here

If applicable, the amounts paid to each elected member of the Group and Authority are published annually. Elected members from the constituent local authorities sit on various Combined Authority and South Tees Development Corporation boards and no payments were made to these members during 2017/18. The Chair of the Local Enterprise partnership, Paul Booth, sits on Combined Authority Cabinet and during the year he was reimbursed £5,203 in relation to accommodation and travel costs incurred whilst representing the Combined Authority.